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I’m also is a so-so cook despite my best efforts. In my spare I enjoy exploring the city in the hope of finding the best cheesecake around!  

All About Me

Barbara Garrett is the founder and president of B`ZURI DESIGN, LLC. She has been producing timeless, dreamy weddings and very special corporate and private events since 2013.

Barbara grew up in the southern state of Arkansas and loves to embrace her southern sensibilities where possible. 


In 2013 Barbara open her  interior design business in Saint Louis and has been planning stunning events along with her team for over 7 years. She has been recognized by her peers  for her extensive vision and creativity tempered with a sharp eye for all the details. Barbara is passionate about theater, music, dance and photography. She  loves a well-mixed cocktail, and sure knows her wines! Barbara has an exceptional talent with color and design and collaborates well with the best in the business.  She loves nothing more than selecting the finest team for each client's taste and budget range and keeping everyone on track. “An event is like a Broadway show without a dress rehearsal” says Barbara!

Through a complicated course involving finance, real estate, travel, relocating, and caffeine. I have an honor degree in International   Architecture Design from the University of ICU and Business from University of Illinois, Interior Design at LST in London England. I used my analytic and organizational skills to improve process efficiency in my past and present roles. The love of helping others makes me extremely in-tune to people’s unique needs and my passion for design drives me relentlessly exploring how technology can make interior design more accessible and engaging. 




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